What can I see?

There are a nice selection of nocturnal birds in the forests around Melbourne – while Australia doesn’t have the diversity of owl species of many of the other parts of the world it makes up for it with a selection of unique, enigmatic and thoroughly addictive large forest owls. When I go out at night it is all very well to see some of the cool furry stuff but no night is complete without hearing a Sooty Owl bomb or better yet the click of talons on branch as they land above you. The majority of Australian mammals are nocturnal so the likelihood of seeing them from the couch at home is slim – need to get out to find them. On these pages I will try and share observations, pictures and recordings of key threatened or interesting species – particularly those that occur in the area of the proposed Great Forest National Park.

Greater Sooty Owl
Leadbeater’s Possum
Gliders and Possums
Victorian Owls
Victorian Frogs

Little Pygmy Possum
Little Pygmy Possum