This is very much a work in progress website – hopefully someday soon I will get somewhere with it.

I am a 40 something (just) IT professional based in Melbourne with my wife Simone and very inquisitive 12 year old Lucas. Any spare time I get I try to explore the natural world locally and further afield. I am particularly interested in birds and mammals but I am more and more starting to dabble in reptiles, frogs and orchids and I am sure the list of interests will continue to grow. My favourite wildlife watching is done from a boat (pelagic trips) or at night with a spotlight. Where possible I will document and report interesting sightings as I believe citizen science is an important tool that all of us can contribute towards, to make a very real difference.

I am particularly passionate about the proposed Great Forest Park around Melbourne #GFNP – http://www.greatforestnationalpark.com.au/ and spend a lot of time in these largely unprotected forests exploring getting to know its inhabitants.

I record my bird sighting in Ebird – and other sightings in the Atlas of Living Australia when I get a chance – ALA


“The Great Forest National Park protects a really amazing part of Victoria so close to Melbourne. For the birds it’s really important. I’ve been going out with some friends at night and we’ve been seeing critically endangered Leadbeater’s possums throughout these unprotected forests.” — Tim Bawden, Wildlife Conservationist, Birdwatcher & Supporter of The Great Forest National Park

If you have any questions about anything on this site or wildlife watching around Melbourne feel free to contact me.


Exploring Kata Tjuta

Exploring Kata Tjuta

Tim and Lucas - Gir Forest, India -2014

Tim and Lucas – Gir Forest, India -2014