Awesome info about bats and bat detecting – coming soon (for reals) – totally under constructions

I have a need to classify – if I see something I want to put it in a virtual container and give it a label if I can – I guess that is the inner train-spotter that drives many a wildlife twitcher. Probably because of this it used to frustrate me greatly when out spotlighting in the Central Highlands around Melbourne (and indeed other areas) I would see many microbats flitting around but had not a hope identifying them. There are potentially up to sixteen microbat species in Melbourne alone and I didn’t have a clue which was which. A few trips to batbox days started to unlock the secrets of some of them but more was needed. I bought a cheap bat detector which converted the ultrasonic calls of the bats to something audible but all that did was frustrate me more – I could hear bats but I already knew they were there! Last year Wildlife Acoustics produced an updated of their iOS compatible version of their bat detector at a reasonable price so I acquired one. I started with the ghetto non-Pro version but it was certainly enough to get me going down a path…..

Gould's Wattled Bat

Gould’s Wattled Bat

Eastern Broad-nosed Bat

Eastern Broad-nosed Bat